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USDCHF: Speed high level

The US dollar maintained a shock around 0.92744, and the non -agricultural data of the United States in December confirmed that the employment market was indeed slowed down, further alleviating the pressure of the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike. However, the US employment market is still tight. The Federal Reserve's December meeting announced this week is to worry about market misunderstanding policies.

US dollar Swiss francf — 4 hours K -line diagram display:

Technical analysis:
Look at the 4 -hour map: the high short power has fallen rapidly, the short -term decline has not stopped, and the short -term decline may continue. The MACD indicators are shifting down in the multi -headed area, the RSI indicator is lingering at 50 equilibrium lines.
Multi -time turning point: 0.92817
Suppression: 0.92952, 0.93083
Support: 0.92612, 0.92485
Trading strategy: 0.92817, go below, target 0.92612, 0.92485
Alternative strategy: 0.92817 to see the bullish, target 0.92952, 0.93083

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