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Welcome to become a real customer of CM Trade Co., Ltd. and thank you for your trust and support to our company. In order to help you to have a deeper understanding of CM Trade investment information, the following six important points are specially explained to you, please read them carefully.

1. Please change the password regularly, and the customer is responsible for keeping the password confidential. Please do not give the trading account to others to operate on their behalf. All operations in the trading account will be preset to be performed by myself.

2. For the time being, the company only supports customers to use their own bank cards/credit cards to make deposits, and temporarily does not support credit card withdrawals.

3. If you meet the transaction requirements, the withdrawal fee can be exempted under normal circumstances. The specific transaction requirements are as follows:
(1) With more than 4 withdrawals per month, 5% of the withdrawal amount will be deducted from the 5th as a handling fee;
(2) If your single withdrawal amount is less than $50, it will be fixed There is a $3 handling fee.
(3) If the transaction amount is less than 50% of the deposit amount, 6% of the withdrawal amount will be charged as a handling fee. If there is no operation at all to apply for a withdrawal, a deposit certificate must be provided

4. Please keep in mind that when the market conditions fluctuate greatly or the market liquidity is too low, it may lead to price gaps and spread widening. Pending orders may be executed outside the price you set, and will be executed at the most favorable and executable price for the market. In this case, the final transaction price may be different from the price of the order itself, which may lead to greater gains (the price after the gap is better than the customer's default price) or greater losses (gap) The latter price is worse than the customer's default price), so investors should understand that the benefits and risks are two-way equal.

5. At present, our company is not allowed to add pending orders and modify pending orders from 30 minutes before the announcement of major data to 15 minutes after the announcement. At the same time, the distance of pending orders will be expanded about 30 minutes before the announcement of major data according to market conditions. If you need the pending order operation, you can set it in advance, and the pending order is valid for the current week (if the market is closed due to international holidays, the pending order will be cancelled in advance). We will announce the trading schedule for holidays on the bulletin board of our website.

6. Please abide by the trading rules of CM Trade. If the company finds that the account has abnormal transaction behavior that disrupts the fairness and impartiality of the transaction, it will freeze the account according to the abnormal transaction method. Abnormal transactions include but are not limited to:
(1) scalping transactions;
(2) hedging arbitrage transactions;
(3) trading using external software. For the definition and handling of abnormal transactions, please refer to this link: (click to open).

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