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Separate Depository

Strictly abide by the requirements of the regulatory agency, and store all customer funds separately in international banks, and completely separate customer funds from the company's operating funds to protect customer assets.

Internal Audit

Establish a rigorous internal compliance audit system to protect the rights and interests of customers and never use them in the company's business activities. At the same time, an international accounting firm is hired as an external audit institution to strictly implement "customer funds use" and "company capital adequacy". rate" requirement.

Account Security

Using network security technologies that meet the highest international standards, such as SSL data encryption, embedded identity confidentiality mechanisms, etc., to establish a high-level transaction account security protection system.

No Negative Guarantee

The customer account has no negative protection function and risk control measures to ensure that the customer's trading account will not have a negative balance, and the customer does not need to pay the additional arrears arising therefrom, and the maximum loss of the customer is limited to the deposited funds.

Fast deposits and withdrawals

The automated deposit and withdrawal process without commissions ensures the speed and accuracy of deposits and withdrawals. The deposit takes effect immediately, and the withdrawal arrives in the account within one working day at the earliest, which is safe and fast.

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