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Links to third party websites are provided for your convenience and are for informational purposes only. CM Trade is not responsible for the accuracy, content or any other matter related to external websites or subsequent links, and accepts no legal responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this or any other content . These sites are not controlled by CM Trade and may not necessarily adhere to the same standards as CM Trade's privacy, security or access standards. Please read the terms and conditions of the linked website.

1. Internet failure:

Since CM Trade cannot control the signal capability, the reception of the signal through the Internet and the reliability of the router, the structure of the customer's equipment or the connection, CM Trade is not responsible for communication failures, distortions or delays in transactions over the Internet.

2. Market Risk and Online Trading:

Precious metals and foreign exchange transactions involve considerable risk and are not suitable for everyone. Please refer to the customer contract for details. No matter how convenient or efficient online trading is, it does not reduce the risk of precious metals and foreign exchange trading.

3. Password Protection:

The client must keep the password confidential to ensure that third parties cannot access the trading facilities. The client agrees to be responsible for all instructions sent by e-mail and for all instructions sent to CM Trade by e-mail, oral or written, even if issued by a third party, these instructions have been authenticated with the client's password and account number, according to the judgment of CM Trade I believe it is a superficial authorization. CM Trade is not responsible for further inquiries about this apparent permission, nor is it responsible for the consequences of actions or inactions taken in accordance with these instructions.

4. Quote Error:

When some quotation or transaction price errors occur, CM Trade will not be responsible for the insufficient margin, balance, profit and loss, and/or positions in the account caused by this error. These errors include, but are not limited to: traders' incorrect quotations, quotations other than international market prices, or any quotation errors (for example: hardware, software or network problems, or incorrect information provided by third parties). When placing an order, allow enough time to execute the order and the time for the system to calculate the required margin. Orders whose execution price or order setting is too close to the market price may trigger other orders (regardless of the order type) or issue margin alerts. CM Trade will not be responsible for margin reminders, account balances or account positions due to insufficient time for the system to execute orders or perform calculations. The above should not be regarded as an exhaustive list of contents. In the event of a quotation or execution error, CM Trade reserves the right to make any corrections or adjustments. Any disputes between quotation and transaction errors can only be resolved by CM Trade at its sole discretion. In the event of any loss, damage or liability arising therefrom, the customer agrees to indemnify CM Trade from harm.

5. Set stamp:

Internet, connection delays and errors in quotations sometimes cause the quotations displayed on the CM Trade trading platform to not accurately reflect the real-time market price. "Set stamping" and "cutting foreign exchange", or taking advantage of the price difference to profit due to the delay of the network connection, cannot exist in the OTC market where the customer buys and sells directly from the dealer. CM Trade does not allow customers to conduct such set stamping behavior on the company's trading platform. Trades that rely on hedging opportunities due to price lag may be reversed. CM Trade reserves the right to make necessary modifications and adjustments to the accounts involved in the above transactions. CM Trade may, at its sole discretion, require traders to intervene or approve all orders and or terminate the account of the relevant client. CM Trade can completely independently resolve disputes arising from stamping or price manipulation. CM Trade reserves the right to withhold withdrawals until the above issues can be resolved. Any action or resolution stated here will not damage or make CM Trade waive any power or compensation it has against its customers and its employees.

6. Price, Order Execution and Platform Manipulation

CM Trade strictly prohibits manipulation of its price, execution and platform in any form. If CM Trade suspects that any account is manipulated, CM Trade reserves the right to investigate and review the account, and deduct the profit from the relevant activities from the suspected account. CM Trade reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the relevant accounts. For accounts suspected of being manipulated, CM Trade may, at its sole discretion, require traders to intervene, approve orders and terminate the accounts of the relevant customers. For any disputes arising from stamping and/or manipulation, CM Trade is completely independent. CM Trade may, at its discretion, report relevant incidents to any relevant regulatory or law enforcement agency. Any action or resolution stated here does not exempt or impair CM Trade's rights or indemnities against customers and its employees, all of which are expressly reserved.

7. Bankruptcy Disclosure

The customer's transaction with CM Trade is not carried out on the exchange. Once CM Trade goes bankrupt, the customer may not get the priority repayment right to recover from CM Trade about the deposited funds or the benefits earned in the transaction. Without priority repayment, the customer is an unsecured creditor and will be compensated with other creditors only after those priority claims are paid.

8. If the client delegates the transaction authorization or the management of his account to a third party (hereinafter referred to as the "introducer"), whether in an autonomous or non-autonomous manner, CM Trade will never make any decision to the client. Choose to be responsible or make any recommendations for this. CM Trade does not make any representations or warranties about the transaction introducer; CM Trade is not responsible for the loss to the customer due to the transaction introducer's actions; CM Trade does not make any implied or direct support or approval for the operation of the transaction introducer. If Client authorizes Client Introducer to manage his account, Client does so at his own risk.

9. CM Trade does not control, nor does it support or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of its precious metals and foreign exchange transactions with respect to the information or advice that the client has or will obtain from the introducer or any other non-CM Trade employee Sexuality (see Introducer Disclosure). If the introducer or any other third party provides any information or advice about precious metals and foreign exchange to the client, CM Trade will never be responsible for the loss caused by the use of the above information or advice to the client. Client understands that the Introducer or various third parties, including sellers who sell trading systems, courses, research or referrals, may or may not be regulated by government agencies. The customer should fully comply with the relevant local laws, including obtaining the consent of the government or other parties in order to comply with any other procedures that must be complied with in such regions or jurisdictions, and paying any local double tax due to the use of this platform for transactions , customs duties and other amounts. When a customer conducts transactions on this platform, it will be deemed that the customer has declared and warranted to CM Trade that he has complied with local laws and regulations. If the client is in doubt about the situation, please consult a professional advisor.

10. All customers must be aware that any return guarantee is illegal. In addition, CM Trade is not responsible for any representations or warranties made by CM Trade, its employees and/or affiliates except in writing.

11.This platform strictly prohibits users from using this website to engage in all illegal transactions or illegal activities such as money laundering, credit card cashing, smuggling, commercial bribery, and illegal currency exchange. To this end, we will do our best to formulate strict relevant plans and take effective security risk control measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users to the greatest extent; if any suspected illegal transactions or illegal activities are found, this site will take various available means , including but not limited to freezing accounts, notifying relevant authorities, etc., we do not assume all responsibilities arising therefrom and reserve the right to pursue responsibilities against relevant persons.
Note: In order to prevent being involved in illegal trading activities or illegal acts, users should pay attention to the following matters:
It is forbidden to lend the user's own account to others;
It is forbidden to rent or lend the user's own identity document;
It is forbidden to rent, lend or disclose important personal property information such as the user's own account, bank card, passbook, password;
Users should actively cooperate with the platform to identify customers;
When choosing a platform, choose and use a safe and reliable third-party financial institution for payment activities.

12. CM Trade only provides the platform for clients to trade the CFDs for the underlying cryptocurrencies pair. Clients are unable to trade the crypto asset on our platform.

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