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Minimum Contract (Lot Size):0.01
Transaction Commission:No Commission Fee
Account opening deposit:
Account opening margin refers to the minimum deposit amount required by traders when opening a margin trading account (minimum account opening margin: USD 100)
Margin Advance Liquidation Ratio: 40%
Margin Occupied by Hedging Transactions: Hedging transaction lock-up orders occupy 25% of the total margin maintenance margin. When the prepayment margin ratio is less than 100%, it is necessary to increase the margin or reduce the position, and the margin prepayment ratio reaches 40%. Close the position.
Pending Order Validity Period:
Automatic cancellation on weekends and holidays
Approx. trading hours:
Summer Time:
Monday: 07:00-04:15, 04:30-05:00(GMT+8)
Tuesday to Thursday: 06:00-04:15, 04:30-05:00(GMT+8)
Friday: 06:00-04:00(GMT+8)
Winter time:
Monday open at 07:00(GMT+8)
Monday to Thursday close at 06:00 the next day
Friday close at 05:00(GMT+8) the next day
Interim break:
Summer Time:
04:15-04:30 and 05:00-06:00(GMT+8)
Winter time:
Monday to Thursday 05:15-05:30(GMT+8)
Friday 06:00(GMT+8) the next day
a. For trading positions from Monday to Tuesday, the interest from Wednesday to Thursday is calculated, and the number of days is 1 day.
b. Trading positions from Tuesday to Wednesday, the interest is calculated from Thursday to Friday, and the number of days is 1 day.
c. From Wednesday to Thursday, the interest is calculated on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the number of days is 3 days
d. For trading positions from Thursday to Friday, the interest is calculated from Monday to Tuesday, and the number of days is 1 day.
e. The position is held on Friday to the next Monday, and the interest is calculated from Tuesday to Wednesday, and the number of days is 1 day.