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Eth: long high volatility

Fundamental analysis:

Ethereum maintained a shock around 1717, and CME announced the official launch of TaiFang futures options. Tim McCourt, global head of equities and foreign exchange products of CME Group, said: as market participants look forward to the upcoming merger of Ethereum, which is an update of one of the largest cryptocurrency networks that may change the rules of the game, people's interest in Ethereum derivatives is surging.

Ethereum ethusd - 4-hour K-line chart shows:

Technical analysis:

According to the 4-hour chart, the Bulls kept surging, the high-level was sorted out in the short term, the overall bullish sentiment of the market continued, the MACD index was in the Bulls' region, and the RSI index was in the 50 equilibrium online side;

Long short turning point: 1704

Pressing position: 1742, 1765

Support position: 1679, 1650

Trading strategy: bullish above 1704, targeting 1742 and 1765

Alternative strategy: 1704 bearish, target 1679, 1650

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