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Are +DI, -DI and BBI indicators all long and short indicators?


  Are +DI, -DI and BBI indicators all long and short indicators? Yes, the +DI and -DI indicators are long-short indicators in the composition of DMI indicators, where +DI refers to multiple parties and -DI refers to the short side. The BBI indicator is also known as the long and short indicator, which is a comprehensive indicator after the weighted average of the moving average of different days.

  Note: These two long/short indicators are not related at all, but they are both trend type indicators.

  +DI, -DI indicators and BBI indicators are how to judge the market trend?

  In the DMI index, the +DI index refers to the strength of the upward trend of the market, while the -DI curve refers to the strength of the downward trend of the market. Therefore, when the price rises in foreign exchange trading, +DI will rise and -DI will fall. On the contrary, if the price falls, +DI will fall and -DI will rise.

  The BBI indicator is an easier way to judge the market trend, because the BBI indicator has only one line, and if the pair is above this line, it indicates that the currency market is in a bullish trend. If the pair is below, it means that the currency market is in a bear trend.

  The above small series of these two kinds of long and short indicators of some understanding, I hope to help you. The above information is for reference only.

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