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Watch the decline in CSI 300: 3710

Fundamental analysis:

On Thursday (October 27), the two parties scrambled around 3,000 points. The Shanghai Index basically fluctuated above 3,000 points in the early days of the Shanghai index, with a maximum increase of about 0.6%. In the afternoon, the liquor and new energy tracks declined in succession. Finally closed down 0.55%. 2230 shares of the two cities rose, 2547 shares fell, and the market sentiment fell sharply from yesterday. The turnover of the two cities was 920 billion yuan. Looking forward to the market outlook, the current market has initially constructed a small cycle of double bottom trends. With the gradual enlarged volume, the market sentiment has been effectively repaired, and the back market rebound is expected to continue.

CSI 300 one hour map

Technical analysis:

Looking at the 1 -hour picture, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 rebounded to the nearby near 3710. At the same time, the amount of MACD was still large under the zero axis, and there was still a demand for further lower after the market rebound. Under 3710, continue to see the drop. The target below is 3600-3550.

Multi -short turning point: 3710

Resistance level: 3800.00 3860.00
Support bit: 3600.00 3550.00

Trading strategy: Watch the decline under 371,000, target 3600.00 3550.00
Alternative strategy: Bullies above 3710.00, target 3800.00 3860.00

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