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Shanghai and Shenzhen 300: 3980 shock

Fundamental analysis:

On Thursday (January 12), the two cities in A shares rose, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 was mainly about narrow shocks throughout the day, with a slight closing of 0.05%. The market watched and seeing the mood dominated, the effect of making money was poor, the decline in individual stocks was 2,530, 2250 shares rose, the turnover was shrinking, the turnover was 681 billion yuan. Looking forward to the market outlook, with the overall improvement of A -shares 'money -making effects in 2023, the superimposed asset allocation of residents' assets to the migration of equity will continue to continue, A -share funds will be significantly returned, and the overall incremental scale is expected to reach trillions. The index is expected to usher in upward.

CSI 300 Four Hours Chart

Technical analysis:

Looking at the 4 -hour chart, the CSI 300 was obviously blocked near 4040, and a slight decline appeared, but the MACD volume could continue to present the volume state above the zero axis. Bullies are mainly about 4050-4100 above the target.

Multi -time turning point: 3980

Resistance level: 4050.00 4100.00
Support bit: 3975.00 3910.00

Trading strategy: Barrow on 3980, target 4050.00 4100.00
Alternative strategy: Watch the decline under 3980, target 3910.00 3850.00

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