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BTC: High level rollback

Fundamental analysis:

Bitcoin remained volatile around 20378. According to a recent poll conducted by the Institute of Public Opinion University, El Salvador is still not attracted by the idea of Bitcoin as the legal tender. The results show that nearly two-thirds of the population has a negative impression of Bitcoin, and only a quarter of Salvadorans have used this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin BTCUSD - 4-hour K line diagram display:

Technical analysis:

The 4-hour chart shows that the momentum of high short positions remains volatile and downward. Short term short positions look for opportunities to enter the market and downward. The MACD index is in the high consolidation of long positions, and the RSI index is in the 50 balanced online weak position;

Empty turning point: 20458

Pressing: 20675, 20921

Support: 20196, 20042

Trading strategy: 20458 lower bearish, target 20196, 20042

Alternative strategy: 20458 upside bullish, target 20675, 20921

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